negative => positive

The feelings and emotions were coming fast and strong. They were becoming overwhelming and I had to release them. I had to express them somehow.

Journaling emotions is always an excellent way to purge them. I needed more. I needed to see them differently.

I painted a journal spread black because what I was feeling was dark and overwhelming. Then I used white pencil, pen, ink and paint to write out those crushing emotions over and over and over. It felt good to get them out, but stopping there wasn't enough.


I covered those negative words with collage and paint, brightening the pages. The goal wasn't to pretend those feelings weren't there, but to move forward and heal.


Instead of just writing random positive feelings on the white, I looked up the opposite of each lousy emotion I had written. Doing this exercise was so healing. I had only come up with a few positives on my own. By using a thesaurus I realized just how much hope there was. Yes, hope... I CAN do this!